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   Do you want to ensure market fit?

   Do you want to connect with Executive Buyers?

   Do you want to increase your leads?

   Do you want to grow your revenue?

   Do you want to massively scale your growth?

Then you need a marketing builder who scales

Build. Grow. Scale

I help companies build a solid foundation, grow and then scale. Whether you are a startup or larger enterprise, I’ve the proven experience to help you achieve your goals.

Succesfully built two new opensource business units from the ground up to multi-million dollar run rate product lines in a NASDAQ listed enterprise.

Helped grow and scale multiple Silicon Valley startups, launched new products, entered new markets, increased leads and traffic, scaled revenue

Go To Market

Holistic market, product, buyer, channels, and sales strategy to drive growth and revenue.


Market Positioning

Determine market fit through segmentation, interviews, with qualitative and quantative testing.


Product Messaging

Compelling storytelling targeted at translating feature and function for primary personas’ pains and goals.

Buyer Personas

Identify primary buyers, secondary influencers, and blockers.  Detail their pain, challenges, and goals.

Buyer Journey

Starting with the end in mind, understand and map the unique buyer journey to streamline sales.

Use Cases

Package products, services, features and benefits into end customer-centric business solutions.

Customer Onboarding

Personalised onboarding guiding new users from registration through activation to engaged.

Sales Enablement

Identification and development of sales collateral as well as training enabling sales teams to qualify and close.


Customer Communities

Build and develop rewarding communities and advisory boards for two-way communication.


Content Strategy

Develop rich marketing content to guide prospects through their buying journey, delivering the right information on time.

SEO Strategy

Deliver optimised and structured content through organic digital channels to drive unpaid traffic.

Demand Campaigns

Build targeted digital and traditional campaigns for lead generation, engagement, conversions, and revenue. 

Million in Personal Sales

Million in Qualified Pipeline

Products Launched

Years Experience

Build, grow, and scale your business to create fanatical customers. Don’t miss out!

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Andrew is passionate, execution oriented, and produces very high quality work. Andrew did a great job bridging the gap between product and marketing to tell a more cohesive and complete story. Additionally, Andrew brings a lot of different skill-sets to the table since he has such a diverse work background. And because he has extensive experience in sales, Andrew can look at messaging and collateral with a critical eye–always thinking about how the AE sells and how we can improve our sales materials to compliment the selling motion.

Dayna Rothman, CMO @ OneLogin (Former Vice President Marketing @ Mesosphere)

Andrew came on board at D2iQ to help build out our Kubernetes messaging and Go To Market. He almost single handedly changed how we communicate business value for our Kubernetes product lines to customers. Andrew brought a level of customer empathy and sales knowledge to our product marketing organization that was needed. As our Kubernetes strategy matured, Andrew helped the new executive team and us in Product roll out an entire line of new products under a different company name and branding. The transition, which is not easy given the size of D2iQ (350+ people) went so smoothly the launch date effectively felt like just another work day. Andrew was instrumental in that effort.

Chris Gaun, Product Manger @ D2iQ

Andrew brings a significant level of mature thinking to Product Marketing that goes beyond the traditionally siloed marketing specialist. With his keen understanding of the industry, the customer, their buying journey, and the entire sales and channel supply chain, he is able to build go to market strategies and execute tactics beyond simply producing a deck or whitepaper. Further, to ensure successful implementation and revenue results, Andrew works cross-functionally with those on the front line to make sure they understand how to best solve customer problems, provide a unique value proposition, and out maneuver the competition. Andrew is a 360-degree product marketing specialist who is an asset to any team.

Amy Benoit, Global Field Enablement Manager @ Pivotal

I've had the pleasure of working with Andrew over the last 5+ years and I've always been deeply impressed with his depth of knowledge across the storage and big data landscape. More importantly is his ability to communicate that knowledge and experience effectively across all levels of a customer's business.

Steven Ellis, Principal Product Manager, APAC Office of Technology @ Red Hat

Andrew understands businesses; that is one of his major strengths. His vast experience in the IT industry allow him to apply his broad knowledge of enterprise architecture to an organisation in any vertical. And his ability to execute on fit-for-purpose solutions to business problems is second to none.

Dihan Pool, Cloud Centre of Excellence Lead @ Datacom

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