15 Key Sales Activity Metrics to Track in 2020 (According to the Experts)

March, 2020 | Recent News

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Andrew Hatfield

Andrew has over 23 years of experience in marketing, sales, and technology across small and large organisations as well as government. With a relentless focus on customer outcomes, Andrew always looks to solve real problems

If you’re looking to improve your sales, then here are 15 key sales activity metrics you should start tracking.

What gets measured, gets improved

Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker, the legendary management consultant, was right.

Charles from Spotio recently interviewed Andrew Hatfield to get his expert insight into what he has recently been measuring for a startup client.

For this particular client, the current three areas being focused on are;

Meetings Booked by SDRs

Reviewed Weekly in demand generation calls

A key indicator for qualification, our SDR team speaks directly with the inbound enquiry and determines their business and technical challenges, how suitable a fit we are for them, their timeframe and authority, and books a meeting with the appropriate account team, executive buyer.


Reviewed Weekly in forecast calls

Once an opportunity is in flight, we focus heavily on ensuring the economic buyer is engaged. It is key to qualify and secure the endorsement of the executive sponsor and not just the technical influencers.

Proofs of Concept

Reviewed Weekly in forecast calls

We secure a technical win in a large majority of all proofs of concept, with a high rate of commercial success. More critically, we find that while a proof of concept’s duration may vary from organization to organization, it does reduce the time to win deals by almost 30%. Additionally, we find that those customers who undertook a rigorous proof of concept prior to production deployment also increase their adoption faster than others.

Read the full list at Spotio’s blog

More key activities

Other sales and marketing leaders gave their insights, including;

  • Rene Grajales from Staples
  • Kim Orlesky from KO Advantage Group
  • Chad Burmeister from ScaleX.ai
  • Andrew Stanten from Altitude Marketing
  • Bob Apollo from Inflexion-Point
  • Colleen Stanley from SalesLeadership Inc
  • Megan Moloney from Online Marketing Gurus
  • Lisamarie Monaco from InsuranceForBurial.com
  • Todd Hockenberry from Top Line Results
  • Mike Brooks from Mr. Inside Sales
  • Eric Quanstrom from CIENCE
  • Nicole Sengers from Spitfire Inbound
  • Ben Walker from Transcription Outsourcing LLC
  • Tony Cole from Anthony Cole Training Group
  • Jessica Magoch from JPM Sales Partners
  • Angela Ash from Flow SEO
  • Terril Fields from Blerd
  • Dario Sipos from Expert International
  • David Balogh from BOOM Marketing Hungary
  • Jake Fisher from Bridges Strategies
  • Heather Suther from Human Marketing
  • Bryan Coles from RKD
  • Kim Garmon Hummel form Sauce Marketing
  • Barbara Giamanco from Social Centered Selling
  • Spencer Smith from IRC Sales Solutions
  • Aristide Basque from SH1FT
  • Andrea Loubier from Mailbird
  • Alexandra Zamolo from Beekeeper
  • Andrew Rudister from MAXBURST Inc
  • Jenny Kelley from Kiwi Creative
  • Sean Sheppard from GrowthX
  • Rob Bedell from Bedell Media and Consulting

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