20 Books Every Computer Science Student Should Read

October, 2018 | Recent News, Technology

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Andrew Hatfield

Andrew has over 23 years of experience in marketing, sales, and technology across small and large organisations as well as government. With a relentless focus on customer outcomes, Andrew always looks to solve real problems

Fupping’s Taegan Lion interviews Andrew Hatfield on the 20 most important books every computer science student should read – and his answers will surprise you!

While there are many of the classics, including Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan’s seminal “The C Programming Language”, I take a different tack.

My submissions are unorthodox, but then my results are exceptional.

Jeff Olson's Slight Edge
The Slight Edge

The first book is Jeff Olson’sThe Slight Edge“. In my mind, this is the single most impactful and important book I’ve ever read.

” In a nutshell, you are either advancing or regressing – there is no standing still. Always do SOMETHING to move the needle forward, every little bit of action counts.”

Bob Burg's Go Giver
The Go-Giver

The second, but equally as important, is Bob Burg‘s “The Go Giver“. When you adopt an attitude of service where you always provide more value than you take in payment, one of giving freely without the expectation of receiving anything in return, your results will skyrocket.

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